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2020 grant recipient candidates to religious life


Pamela Rose Suresca

Salesian Sisters
Daughters of Mary Help of Christians 
Haledon, NJ

What surprised me most about religious life

St. Francis De Sales says: “Be who you are and be that well, in order to honor the Mastercraftsman whose handiwork you are.” This statement rings true for the Salesian Sisters. One of the greatest surprises in religious life, specifically the Salesians, is that each sister is SOOOO different, quirky, talented, and unique. I think I came into this seeing and witnessing
many religious sisters who all seemed so similar in how they talked, prayed, and acted. In my time with the Salesians I have noticed that each sister is fully alive and fully herself while still living out the Salesian Spirit.


My Vocation Story

Right after I graduated from college, but before I began my professional career, I went on a vocation pilgrimage to visit several religious communities. Seeing these people living to love and serve all God's children with such purpose and intentionality made me realize the fulfillment I was seeking wasn't in money or fancy job titles, but in living my everyday life as the closest imitation to Jesus Christ as I could. And, for me, that's the Brothers.


Ryan Richter

Marist Brothers
Forrest Hills, NY


Hien Nguyen

Dominican Sisters of Mary Immaculate Province 
Houston, TX

What I'd like to say to benefactors

Thank you all for your support. You are creating a realistic hope for others to follow their callings. With this grant, I am more at ease to continue my application to the convent. And I could not be more happy and feel blessed.

A favorite teacher

My favorite teacher is Mr. Wilson. He taught me English when I first came to America. He made me feel like I am smart and important. I enjoyed school more because of him.

MeganChrist_Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 2.

Megan Christ

Totus Tuus
Pittsburgh, PA

How my education will help me
in my ministry

My background in psychology gives me an open-minded awe in how uniquely God crafts each one of us, especially our minds. I hope to teach adolescents how to integrate faith into their intellect, will, and emotions. Studying studio art allowed me to learn that I can connect to God with each of
my senses. This knowledge helps me to teach the young women I work with how to pray.

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