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2022 grant recipient candidates to religious life


Monica Edaburn

Felician Sisters of North America (C.S.S.F.) 

Milwaukee, WI

The joys of religious life

Everything! Sometimes I still pinch myself that I am actually in community. I have worked and waited so long to enter, since I had my call young. Most of all, I enjoy spending time with the sisters at meals and having fun and deep conversations with them as I get to know each of them personally.

Typical day in my life
A typical day in my life includes morning/evening prayers and meals with my postulant director and visiting our assisted living ministry for daily Mass. On given days I volunteer at my desired/designated ministry. I work in the Early Childhood Education Center at St. Joseph Academy. After evening prayers and supper, my postulant director and I spend an hour together. Most days we also do adoration in the chapel.

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