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While discerning their vocation with a religious community and before and after temporary and perpetual profession, the men and women who have received Vocation Fund grants keep themselves busy, not only in their studies, but in fulfilling the charism and mission of their religious institute.  We are happy to shine the spotlight on their work.


Sister Eilis McCulloh, H.M.

Sister Eilis McCulloh, H.M. is a Sister of the Humility of Mary and currently serves as the grassroots education and organizing specialist at NETWORK Lobby. She is a student at the University of Akron School of Law in Ohio. She is on the board of Akron Interfaith Immigration Advocates and co-chair of the Family Support Community. She is active with Giving Voice and also regularly contributes to the Global Sisters Report, project of the National Catholic Reporter. Sister Eilis recently wrote "Sisters help Uvalde move from trauma to trust" an article for the 2024 VISION Vocation Guide to be published in August 2023.
(Photo: Catholic Extension.)


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