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    Why your support matters

    Most of us have experienced first-hand the positive impact Catholic sisters, brothers, and priests have had on education and healthcare in the U.S.

    The great builders
    Catholic sisters, along with religious brothers, and priests, built America’s largest private school system of more than 10,000 elementary, high schools, colleges, and universities. At its peak in the last century, the Catholic school system was educating 11% of U.S. students. We were part of that generation learning to read and write, add and subtract— all with a moral compass setting us in the right direction!

    Catholic sisters also created America’s nonprofit hospital system that grew to 800 hospitals by the mid-20th century. My extended family benefited from the dedication and service of women and men in religious life. I know yours did, too. Together we can provide for the next generation of vocations.

    Obstacles to continued growth
    Young people continue to be drawn to religious life and to a commitment of service to others, but many candidates to religious life today have enormous educational debt that is an obstacle to their vocation. With an average of $33,000 in student loans, educated young men and women interested in becoming Catholic sisters, brothers, and priests must defer their entrance until their debt is paid and they are free to take the vow of poverty. These deferred dreams mean a delayed lifeline to religious congregations and to the communities they serve. See our Annual Report  for more information on the obstacle of educational debt to vocations and the NFCRV’s work in addressing the problem.

    Our future leaders
    The best and brightest religious sisters, brothers, and priests have a transformative impact on our world with their enduring focus on education and healthcare, along with leading-edge ministry fighting human trafficking, addressing the immigration crisis, advocating for a sustainable and equitable economy, and providing care for those with special needs or living on the margins. They are this decade’s trailblazers and innovators, prophets and martyrs, each carving a path for the next generation of selfless do-gooders.

    A decade of promise
    Imagine what 10 years of dedicated gospel witness, evangelization, and service can bring. We invite you to join the NFCRV’s DECADE OF PROMISE CLUB and play a part in supporting the work that will benefit us all.
    A decade of support
    With your commitment of a minimum of $100 a year for 10 years, you can help remove the obstacle of educational debt to religious vocations and enable a new generation of men and women to answer God’s call of a life of service in vowed life. Submit your gift on our secure site here.

    A decade of progress
    Together we can play a small role in supporting the global work of Catholic sisters, brothers, and priests in aiding our poor and hungry, educating our children, caring for our sick, promoting racial and economic justice, protecting our planet, and praying for a world filled with the love of Christ. Here’s to a decade of progress thanks to your generous support!

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