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Contemplating the future with gladness


At the close of the Synod on Synodality in October 2023 Pope Francis told those gathered that it is important to look at the foundation of everything: loving God with our whole life and loving our neighbor as ourselves. “And how do we channel this momentum of love?” he asked. With two verbs, “to adore and to serve. We love God through adoration and service.”

As we assess applicants and review our grantees each year, we see adoration and service in full relief with women and men who are so in love with the Lord that they choose to consecrate their lives to God and spend their days ministering to God’s people. They stand on the margins and offer aid to a wounded world, particularly those who are frail, weak, poor, cast aside, and overlooked. And our generous donors help make this widespread love and service happen.

The year 2023 proved to be pivotal. We strengthened our financial picture through continued grants from the Helen Brach Foundation and the National Council of Catholic Women, sustained donations through the Decade of Promise Club, and spread word of our mission at the our inaugural Vocation Fund Prayer Breakfast.

Our hearts are filled with gladness as we contemplate the future. All vocations begin with prayer, particularly prayers of gratitude for God’s great gifts. We have so much to be grateful for: that young people continue to hear the call to religious life; that financial barriers to that call, particularly, educational debt, are eradicated through the generosity of good people; that religious institutes continue to share their charisms with the world; that the church continues to encourage us to be a listening church and discern the path we called to walk together.

What an honor it is to serve the diverse religious institutes in need of Vocation Fund grants. Their unique charisms and witness have led many to Christ and furthered the adoration and service at the heart of everything. We thank God for all the holy people we’ve encountered on our journey. Please join us in prayer for the future of religious life, as we continue to pray for the intentions of the many friends of the fund.

In Christ, I am

Father Anthony Vinson, O.S.B.

NFCRV Board Chair


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