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Spotlight on the "beautiful" work of the Vocation Fund

Sr. Pamela Rose, F.M.A.
The Salesian Sisters received an NFCRV grant in 2020 to help service the educational debt of candidate Pamela Rose.

Vocation Fund grantee Salesian Sister Pamela Rose F.M.A. and Fund Executive Director Phil Loftus were featured in a National Catholic Register story by Kimberly Jansen on "Eliminating Debt, Fostering Vocations."

Sister Rose recalled, "feeling 'awestruck' the first time she met her aunt, a cloistered sister in the Philippines. However, when she wrote “'nun' on a career inventory at her public school, the teacher sent her to the principal’s office for not taking the assessment seriously."

Phil Loftus explained what the Vocation Fund does to assist men and women fulfill their dream of entering religious life, "Educational debt is a serious burden on young adults as they strive to follow their chosen careers and vocations. Our goal is to fully endow the Vocation Fund to solve this obstacle to vocations permanently for women’s and men’s religious institutes."

According the the National Catholic Register, Salesian Sister Margaret Wilhelm, treasurer of the Salesian Sisters in Haledon, called the National Fund for Catholic Religious Vocations “a beautiful arrangement.” “To absorb the level of debt many young women have accrued is staggering. [The NFCRV] helps us say ‘Yes’ to someone discerning in a timely manner.”

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