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Update from NFCRV Fall Board Meeting

The Fall 2019 NFCRV Board Meeting was conducted via teleconference on Tuesday, November 12, 2019. NFCRV continues to make progress in support of young vocations.

Board members present were: Br. Ronnie Hingle, S.C., Fr. Anthony Vinson, O.S.B., Sr. Michele Fisher, C.S.F.N., Sr. Kristin Matthes, S.N.D.deN., Bill Booth, Keith Armato , and Sr. Lois Wetzel O.Carm and Staff members: Phil Loftus (NFCRV Executive Director); Maureen Cetera (NRVC Director of Finance & Operations); Marge Argyelan (NRVC Director of Membership). New officers were elected as follows: Fr. Anthony Board Chair, Sr. Michele, Board Vice-Chair and Bill Booth, Secretary/Treasurer. Outgoing board members (Sr. Lois, Carmie and Bob Fallon) were thanked for their service and generosity in helping move NFCRV forward. Fr. Anthony thanked Br. Ronnie for his years of service, his guidance, and his help as Board chair. Phil Loftus echoed his thanks for Br. Ronnie’s time, commitment, and help in shepherding this new initiative and making his tenure one of significant result. NFCRV is thankful that Br. Ronnie will remain on the NFCRV Board.

The Board will meet in Spring of 2020 to consider and approve new grants that are submitted by the April 15, 2020 deadline.


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